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Companion Animal

Companion animal home-based care is ideally suited for annual wellness check-ups, preventative vaccines, non-emergency diagnostic workup and quality of life/end of life assessments on animals that cannot be transported to a veterinary clinic. We do offer dog breeders early wellness appointments for puppies at the home. We work closely with many local veterinary clinics in our service area, from which we accept referrals, and to whom we refer services that are not appropriate for at-home care (e.g. elective or emergency surgery requiring general anesthesia, and emergencies that necessitate immediate diagnostic radiology, complete blood cell counts and chemistry).

Hobby Farm

Our strength as a mobile veterinary service for small ruminants, companion swine, and poultry is in providing preventative herd health care such as vaccinations, deworming, and production assistance programs. While we provide on-farm emergency services for established clients, surgical cases are referred to our colleagues in the region.


Winchelsea Veterinary Services offers a full complement of equine-health related services, from routine preventative vaccinations and dental work through pre-purchase examinations, lameness workups, diagnostic radiology and ultrasound, and emergency care. Some services, including joint injections, castration, breeding and surgery requiring general anesthesia are done as referrals to our colleagues in the region.


Dr. Stitt is a Title 50 certifying official by the United States (US) export certification process for exports to the US of live finfish (including salmonid species). He has over 8 years experience with Academic and University Animal Care programs (with a speciality in aquatic species), and he works closely with several local aquaculture companies that specialize in the production of West Coast finfish species including wolfeel, sablefish, chinook, white sturgeon and trout.